PSA to all Kay Beauties

Kay Nicole

We all have that one lip color that we absolutely love. We may only wear it when we go out to a bar or brunch with girlfriends. That tiny bottle probably lasts us at least 5 years. LISTEN honey, 5 years is way too long to hold on to that lippy! Most people aren’t aware that cosmetic products have expiration dates. We change our toothbrushes regularly (I hope you do) so why do we often look past our cosmetic products?

Using expired cosmetics can lead to eye and skin irritations. In fact, a recent UK study found that outdated beauty blenders and lipstick tubes contained E.coli and Staphylococci. Exposure to these ugly bugs often lead to skin infection and even blood poisoning (worst case scenario). I must admit, I have been a culprit of keeping outdated items and using them when I shouldn’t. I recall a time where I used an old mascara found in my makeup bag and literally developed the pink eye in both eyes (lol).

All this is to say, you need to know when to throw out cosmetics that have outlived their prime. Cosmetic expirations aren’t as clear as it is with food. So we compiled a list of products and general expiration dates and even if the products are expired you should clean your favorite products (blenders and brushes) between every few uses.

Concealer: one year

Eyeliner: three months

Eyeliner pencil: two years

Eyeshadow: one year

Foundation: one year

Lip balm: one to five years

Lip gloss: one year

Lipstick: two years

Liquid eyeliner: three months

Mascara: three months

Powder blush: two years